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Emma Watson & Harry Styles Dating? Fans Beg Them To After British Fashion Awards - Hollywood Life

It even seems like Emma has a slight crush on Harry, after falling weak to her knees in his presence at the British Fashion http://denisszyd.blogs.experienceproject.com Awards http://jettiebecenaworld.wallinside.com on Dec. 1. kim kardashian dresses Fans caught site of this too, and started freaking out over the possibility of Harry and Emma dating. Heres what theyre saying! Harry Styles& Emma WatsonDating? Fans Beg Them To After British Fashion Awards Emma accepted the award for her gender equality foundationHe for She, and apparently was star struck whileaccepting the award from Harry. Harry Styles just said the words, He for She, so thats review really cool, Emma said while blushing.
Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/12/01/harry-styles-emma-watson-dating-british-fashion-awards-fans-reaction/

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