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10 Celebs Who Became Hotter After Becoming Dads

visit our website "The Sixth Sense" star reportedly "freaked out" about the needles when nurses attempted to inject her with drugs after wisdom teeth procedures. The staff was so alarmed by her behavior that she was placed under protective hold. Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen 's embattled ex-wife is frequently the subject Kim Kardashian music video of troubling headlines. Brooke Mueller's notorious substance abuse problems have landed her in rehab more times than she'd probably care to admit. In May, her issues required Child Protective Services to intervene on behalf of her twin sons with Charlie; the children were removed from her custody and Mueller was 5150'd in Ray J and Kim Kardashian youtube the process. Ironically, it's Sheen's other ex, Denise Richards who now wants full custody of Brooke's boys.
Read more: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/amanda-bynes-placed-5150-hold-5-more-celebs-135200404.html

Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Prepare to be blocked." Delighting in the alias, Michael Ian Black posted, "I only got up to Level 2 on my Spanish Rosetta Stone, so I never learned about Carlos Danger. :(" while Denis Leary tweeted, "Carlos Danger is also the lead character's name in the Mexican reboot of Rescue Me." Soon, a Name Generator was created and became very popular, with Chrissy Teigen sharing, "hahaha @johnlegend your sexting pseudonym is Gustavo Furtive, according to @Slate's Carlos Danger Name Generator" and Richard Roeper writing, "My sexting pseudonym is Armando Catastrophe, according to @Slate's Carlos Danger Name Generator." Check out what other famous faces are saying about Anthony Weiner below. Albert Brooks: Royal baby has a name: George Arthur Carlos Danger. Rupert Murdoch: NY mayoral hopeful Weiner almost tragic if not so funny. What a sicko.
Read more: http://celebrity-gossip.net/anthony-weiner/celebs-take-aim-anthony-weiner-twitter-894081

Obama meets with celebs who want to promote Obamacare

"I love it. I love it. I love it. I hate it when they're gone." So, like, can we be adopted as a Jolie-Pitt kid too? Hugh Jackman As Hugh knows, it takes more than just biology and DNA to be a great father.
Read more: http://www.yourtango.com/2013189083/parenting-10-celebs-who-became-hotter-after-becoming-dads

Male Celebs Who Understand Sex Sells And Strip To Prove It

Apparently, his full ensemble costume has quite a few uses between the sheets Kim Kardashian and kris humphries and in the kitchen, too, since wife Deborra-Lee felt the claws were ideal to chop and mix up the salad. Their recent bills must have Kim Kardashian mom gone through the roof though with sheets and beddings being shredded with those claws. But, hey,Hugh Jackman is not the only kinky star around though using novel methods to spice up their sex life. No "Cold" Play for Gwyneth Gwyneth Paltrow was supposed to have famously given advice to her friend to go give her man a blowjob precisely when she was angry with him. Chris Martin must be one happy man!
Read more: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/494629/20130726/celebs-spice-up-sex-life-hughs-wolverine.htm

Celebs Spice Up Their Sex Life: Hugh is a Wolverine in Bed, Eva's Scarves and Gwyneth's [PHOTOS]

Thanks for the list, CNN! Now I know who to boycott! Starting with that very special episode of Parks & Rec. July 22, 2013 05:53 pm at 5:53 pm | ProudDem I really don't get the republican opposition...other than to just hate anything and everything the President does. This is supposed to be the party of personal responsibility.
Read more: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/07/22/obama-meets-with-celebs-who-want-to-promote-obamacare/

Celebs Take Aim at Anthony Weiner on Twitter

Yeah, we knew thered be very little resistance. Heres a mere sampling of what we uncovered. Youre welcome. Adam Levine The Maroon 5 crooner took it all off (but that pesky hand!) to encourage men to get checked for prostate and testicular cancer in an ad that first appeared in Cosmopolitan UK. Jamie Bamber Think what you might of PETAs tactics for garnering attention, but when it comes to getting celebs to strip down for a causewell, they rule in our book. Willis Andrew McGahee McGahee (now a free agent) was a running back for the Baltimore Ravens when he submitted to PETAs Ink Not Mink campaign. Dennis Rodman Our ambassador to North Korea bared all for PETA, but nobody was really shocked by this, right?
Read more: http://www.queerty.com/male-celebs-who-understand-sex-sells-and-strip-to-prove-it-20130726/

Amanda Bynes Placed on 5150 Hold ? 5 More Celebs Who?ve Met the Same Fate

7/26/2013 12:10 PM ET | Filed under: Oops! Fashion Smashion Ciara Hairstyles Ciara has such a great bod! But, unfortunately, her amazing figure and her usual impeccable fashion sense was just not enough to save her from this HAIR-saster! We thought we'd love leather overalls, but maybe not. CLICK HERE to view the "Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!" CLICK HERE to view the "Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!" CLICK HERE to view the "Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!" CLICK HERE to view the "Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!" CLICK HERE to view the "Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week!"
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